Testomat 808

Testomat 808 Exploded Diagram
Part NoNumberDescription
S10-357671Measuring chamber
S10-401762Sight-glass window holder
S10-400503Magnetic stirrer
S10-375344Measuring chamber cover
S10-375365Dosing needle
S10-332536Screw M3x40
S10-332467Screw M3x12
S10-337778Flat seal 24x2
S10-401709Sight-glass window 30x3
S10-3753810Hose adapter
S10-4015711Angled plug in connector
S10-3379712O-ring 3.8 x 1.78
S10-1126413O-ring 4.5 x 1.5
S10-1124514O-ring 1.78 x 1.78


£179.99 - £149.99 (exc. VAT)
Pressure controller
Part NoDescription
S10-40125Controller / Filter receiver, complete
S10-40120Controller / Filter receiver
S10-40129Controller plug T2000, complete
S10-11225Flow controller valve body
S10-11230Retaining pin 3x38
S10-11217Inlet filter
S10-11218Spring for inlet filter
S10-40121Inlet connector
S10-40153Screw-in connector G 1/4" -6
Measuring chamber
Part NoDescription
S10-40173Sight-glass window with seal
S10-40170Sight-glass window 30x3
S10-40176Sight-glass holder
S10-33253Bolt M3x40
S10-40032Latch fastener TL-17-201-52
S10-11203Plastic plug
S10-40022Measuring chamber T2000 complete
Measuring chamber holder
Part NoDescription
S10-40029Measuring chamber holder, complete (without valves)
S10-40050Magnetic stirrer
S10-40186Screw-in connector 3/8" -10
S10-40018Solenoid valve, 2/2-way
S10-40181Rear guide bar for measuring chamber 5x60
Dosing pump DOSIClip®
Part NoDescription
S10-40171Pump block, upper part
S10-40172Pump block, lower part
S10-40201Jet pump (replacement)
S10-40001Jet pump SP
S10-40011Hose, suction, complete
S10-40016Hose, pressure, complete
S10-37232Base circuit board TI
S10-34668Solenoid 24 VDC
S10-32046Plastic cover CNH 45 N
Bottle connection/Suction device
Part NoDescription
S10-40131Screw cap with bottle insert T2000
S10-40130Screw cap GL32 - hole
S10-40135Bottle insert for screw cap with push-fit suction tube
Instrument spare parts
Part NoDescription
S10-31582Fuse M4A
S10-37266Base circuit board T2000 complete 230 V
S10-40092Control circuit board T2000 complete
S10-40091Plug-in circuit board driver/receiver SE-T2000 (6)
S10-40190Cable gland 5-7
S10-40191Cable gland 7-10
S10-31713Ribbon cable 10 pole with EMI filter clamp
S10-40096Ribbon cable 26 pole with EMI filter clamp
S10-40060Cable loom 2V complete (for valves)
S10-40062Cable loom 2P complete (for max. 2 dosing pumps)
S10-40200Cable loom complete with mains switch and cap
S10-31596Fuse T0.08A
S10-31585Fuse T0.315A
S10-31595Fuse T0.1A
S10-31622Fuse T0.16A
S10-31592Fuse T1.0A
Spare parts required after 2 - 3 years of operation
Part NoDescription
S10-40173Sight-glass window with seal
S10-11217Inlet filter
S10-40124Gasket set T2000 (according to maintenance requirements)
S10-31585Fuse T0.315A
S10-31592Fuse T1.0A

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