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Cryptosporidium Cartridge Filters


Crypto Guard 2

Crypto Guard Cartridge Filters to suit our Stainless Steel Crypto Housings.Cryptosporidium Cartridge Filter

Crypto Guard high surface area pleated cartridges have been developed to suit industrial processes where high levels of efficiency and extremely low pressure loss are required. In-house developments have optimised the filter media to give higher levels of porosity, and state of the art manufacturing technologies give excellent build quality.

Cryptosporidium grade designed for Food and Beverage applications. All feature 100% polypropylene cage, core and end cap assembly. Thermal welding processes seal all components, eliminating adhesives and extractables, and optimising cartridge integrity.

Crypto Guard cartridges feature:

  • Melt blown polypropylene media
  • Extended life version available
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Materials meet US FDA title 21 and USP Class VI requirements
  • Meets the requirements for food contact as detailed in European Regulation (EC) Number 1935/2004
  • CRY Cryptosporidium grade
  • One piece high strength all polypropylene support core up to 1017mm (40”)
  • High surface area, resulting in low clean and excellent dirt holding capacity
  • 100% thermally welded construction for maximum integrity and strength
  • All polypropylene hardware
  • Optional high strength core for improved thermal stability at continuously elevated temperatures
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