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UV Water Filter – Trojan UV Swift


The TrojanUVSwift™, ideal for mid to larger-scale UV Swift UV Water Filterapplications offers a compact footprint for easier retrofits. The advanced systems employed in the UVSwift offer unsurpassed reliability and disinfection without the use of chemicals or the generation of disinfection by-products.


Large-scale or whole-plant water disinfection
The TrojanUVSwift™ is also the product of choice for municipalities such as the City of Seattle, Washington, which is implementing the world’s largest UV drinking water project (180 MGD).


Advanced Sensor Technology – the new TrojanAccUVSensor™ maintains system integrity and includes self cleaning technology so as to assure an accurate measurement of UV intensity.

Variable-output, high-intensity lamps – the TrojanUVSwift™ system requires fewer lamps, lessening space requirements and decreasing installation and maintenance costs. The output of the system’s high-intensity lamps can be varied as water quality or flow rates change. This variation optimises energy use and lowers annual operating costs.

Flexible lamp cleaning options

the TrojanUVSwift™ system offers a range of cleaning technologies allowing you to match your system to site specific water quality. Among the options to choose from, Trojan’s unique chemical / mechanical cleaning mechanism, ActiClean – designed to minimise maintenance costs and ensure that the lamp sleeves are kept clean at all times.