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UV Water Filter – Trojan UV Max Pro

Professional grade equipment that redefines reliability witTrojan UV Max Proh rock-solid performance under all environmental conditions.

The new TrojanUVMax™ Pro Series offers a unique combination of brains and brawn, with twice the raw power of other UV systems and the intelligence to provide a real-time measure of the delivered dose.

Most importantly, we’ve drastically improved the most critical measure of a UV system’s performance – it’s ability to deliver a constant, reliable dose. This means you can feel comfortable treating ice-cold waters and hot water recirculation lines, in a cool basement or a hot pump house!

Intuitive interface

Because a picture is worth a thousand words.


Simple connections

With plug-and-play color coded connections, it’s as easy as “connect the dots.”


Twice the power

The new Pro Series products use a revolutionary lamp with twice the output of current high-output lamps, giving you compact single-lamp systems that are half the size of their predecessors. Size does matter.


Information is power

For the first time, you can now have a real-time display of UV dose – and a true measure of how your system is operating. The optional COMMcenter also displays alarm history, lamp hours, and other performance parameters – for up to nine systems! What’s more, you can have that information presented to you wherever you need it. The COMMcenter can be installed at any distance from the UV system using standard computer cable. Or go wireless with an optional FCC compliant wireless transmitter.


Set the record straight

Data logging allows operators to demonstrate proper system operation to regulators and consumers. It also provides valuable troubleshooting insights and allows for scheduled, proactive maintenance. The COMMcenter can datalog directly to a computer. Install our free MAXtrack software and get real-time monitoring and the ability to examine alarm and dose history for any given period of time! Alternatively, simply drop-in a standard mini-SD card, like those used in digital cameras. The information can be viewed and analysed using any standard spreadsheet program.