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UV Water Filter – Trojan UV Logic Pharma

Developed specifically for pharmaceutical applications, the TrojanUVLogic™ Pharma feUV Logic Pharma UV Water Filteratures a gap-free design, pulled connections, orbital welds and high-temperature CIP capability. The innovative, fully calibrated UV sensor is encapsulated in a virgin PTFE housing that locks the sensor in place.

This design completely eliminates sensor travel and allows sensor change-outs without opening the system. UV has many applications in the Pharmaceutical industry.


The industry uses UV for various disinfection applications due to its rapid and reliable kinetics. UV penetrates the cell walls of microorganisms, eliminating their ability to reproduce Ozone Destruction UV is also used to reduce Ozone to dissolved oxygen efficiently and reliably. The Ozone absorbs UV energy and quickly dissipates.

TOC Reduction

UV is also used in conjunction with Deionisation (DI) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) to reduce Total Organic Compounds (TOC).

Chlorine / Chloramine Destruction

UV can also replace sodium meta-bisulfite and carbon technologies to remove chlorine / chloramines. UV produces OH radicals that break chlorine / chloramine compounds down to their lowest constituents TrojanUVLogic™Pharma systems meet the demands of EP, USP, and WFI applications including the critical validation process. All systems comply with cGMP and the FDA requirements and sanitary connections conform to DIN, NEN and USDA 3A standards. Trojan systems offer complete traceability including validation and certification of sensor, meter, and lamps.