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UV Water Filter – Sita Domestic

The Sita Domestic Range of Ultra Violet systems utilise low pressure mercury vapour discharge lamps to produce ultra violet light at the 254 mm wavelength (UVC) which is lethal to micro-organisms. The stainless steel IWE Sita UV Water Filterchamber incorporates a high purity quartz sleeve around the lamp. As water passes through the chamber, UVC Light penetrates and destroys the cell structure of the micro-organisms in the water.

Installation is simple and once fitted the system requires no attention and only periodic maintenance. Due to efficient design and the use of high quality components running costs are extremely low, and the lamp requires only annual replacement. The chamber is manufactured from hygienic 316L grade stainless steel ensuring strength, reliability and efficient hydraulic operation.

UV-C Dose>300 J/m2 (9000 h)
Lamp Lifespan9000 h
Manifold MaterialStainless Steel AISI 304
Max Pressure9 bar
Electrical Supply230 V 50/60Hz


Maximium Flow Rate5 (l/min)
Number of Lamps1
IN-OUT Connections1/8" F
IN-OUT Connections (mm)190
Fault Working LEDx
Power Consumption W12


Maximium Flow Rate10 (l/min)
Number of Lamps1
IN-OUT Connections1/2" M
IN-OUT Connections (mm)285
Fault Working LEDx
Power Consumption W16

Sita Range – Spares & Parts

Sita Domestic UV107 Spares
S8-2602016081Replacement Lamp£33.48Buy Now
S8-2602023314Quartz Sleeve£22.95Buy Now
Sita Domestic UV403 Spares
S8-2602016091Replacement Lamp£38.26Buy Now
S8-2602026085Quartz Sleeve£26.79Buy Now