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UV Water Filter – Sita SE Range

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UV Water Filter - Sita SE Range


Providing safe drinking water from well, springs and other untreated supplies.
UV Water Filter - IWE SE Range
Incorporated into water filtration and treatment plants Fish farms, for the control of micro-organisms Algae control in ponds and general aquatic use Recirculating loops and high purity water systems

Sita SE UV water Filters are designed for low to medium flow rate applications. The lamps offer a full 1 year lifespan and inexpensive replacement costs.

The SE Range features the latest high frequency lamp driver circuitry with lamp operating failure, warning lights and audible alarm. Construction : 304 Stainless Steel 8000 Hour life high output UVC Lamps.


Maximium Flow Rate23 l/min
Power21 W
IN-OUT Connections3/4"
A mm490£234.33More Information
B mm64
C mm25
D mmSame Side
Maximium Flow Rate30 l/min
Power28 W
IN-OUT Connections3/4"
A mm595£234.33More Information
B mm65
C mm25
D mmOpposite Side
Maximium Flow Rate45 l/min
Power40 W
IN-OUT Connections3/4"
A mm908£295.39More Information
B mm65
C mm25
D mmOpposite Side
Maximium Flow Rate92 l/min
Power2 x 40 W
IN-OUT Connections1"
A mm910£825.55More Information
B mm101
C mm25
D mmSame Side

Sita UV SE 1 Range Spares


Sita UV SE 2 Range Spares


Sita UV SE 3 Range Spares


Sita UV SE 4 Range Spares