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Conductivity Controller


Conductivity Controller – C3645



Conductivity ControllerThe model C3645 Conductivity indicator controller has been designed for DIN rail mounting, either on the back plate of a control panel or in an optional surface mounting weatherproof enclosure.

The surface mounting weatherproof enclosure is rated to IP55 for all year round outside use and is fitted with an external makalon door. Providing access to the calibration and set point controls for easy on site adjustment.

The model C3645 is fitted with one control relay and an adjustable time delay of up to 40 seconds before the relay operates.

Fitted with automatic temperature compensation over the range of 0 – 100o C via a 10KΩ NTC sensor. Industry standard 4 – 20 mA current output to operate remote indicators, controllers and chart recorders.

The 3000 series of instruments provide a cost effective method of control for many industrial processes which include, power generation, water treatment plant, boiler and cooling waters, and solution strength control.


Technical Specifications
InputAny AWE. conductivity cell K = 0.01, 0.1, 1.0 or 10
RangeWith K =1.0 cell 0 - 2000 μS and 0 - 200 μS to 0 - 20 mS
Display3 1/2 L.C.D. units
Display size12.5 mm
Output4 - 20 ma into 500 Ω
Set pointson/off over 100% of range 2 amp non inductive
Time delay0 - 40 seconds adjustable
Temp compAutomatic via 10KΩ NTC. sensor
Temp coefficientFixed at 2%/oC
Zero± 15%
Slope± 20%
Mains supply230/115 volt 50/ 60 Hz
Weight265 grams DIN rail version


Conductivity Controller Technical