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Filter Press – Large

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IWELarge Filter Press‘s range of large filter presses have plate pack sizes 800, 915, 1000, 1200, 1300, 1500/2000 and 2000mm square. All plate sizes are available for use in sidebar or overhead slung plate suspension designs with the exception of 800mm square plate size which is only available in a sidebar framework and the 915mm square plate size which is only available in a overhead slung framework.

The need to reduce man power on process plants and to ease the nature of the work involved, has caused for mechanisation to automate the operational sequence of filter presses fitted with these larger plate sizes. Both overhead slung and sidebar filter presses can be fully mechanised which provides automatic means of closing the plates together, sealing the filter press at a pre-determined pressure moving each plate individually to afford cake discharge, controlling the movement to minimise filter cloth wear due to impact and providing a safety system whereby electric power is cut off if the operator approaches the filter press while the plate transfer mechanisation is in operation.

The development of mechanisation makes one man filter press operation possible whilst maintaining good operational efficiency.