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 Bespoke Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant


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Double Pass Reverse Osmosis Systems

Double Pass Reverse Osmosis SystemsIndustrial Water Equipments Single-Pass Reverse Osmosis units are ideal for most situations, but our Double-Pass Reverse Osmosis units can be provided for those situations where ultra-pure water is necessary.

Double-Pass Reverse Osmosis systems are designed to provide 99.99% TDS rejection to yield permeates water suitable for most electronics, semi-conductor, and pharmaceutical applications.
Double-Pass R.O. systems are also well suited to be used as pre-treatment for the Electro-Deionization (EDI) systems or traditional Ion Exchange equipment when ultra pure 18 meg-ohm product water is required.

All of Industrial water equipments double pass reverse osmosis units are manufactured in the UK to order, ensuring optimisation of efficiency and to coordinate with the customer specification.

Please contact our design team for further details.

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Reverse Osmosis with CDI

Reverse Osmosis System with CDIContinuous Deionisation or CDI is also known as electrodeionization, CDI is a hybrid separation process combining ion-exchange resins and ion-exchange membranes.

A voltage gradient is used as the driving force for separations. The process is capable of achieving very high levels of purification and concentration of dissolved ionic solutes without the use of chemical regenerants.

Industrial water equipment limited now offer CDI modules for post Reverse Osmosis treatment. Continuous electrodeionisation is a safe, chemical free way to improve quality of all reverse osmosis water.

Electrodeionisation lends itself very well to post ro treatment as its continuous running does not retract from the same benefits and characteristics as reverse osmosis equipment.

Please contact our design team for further details.

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Heated Permeate Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Heated Permeate SystemIn many cases of Reverse Osmosis projects Industrial Water Equipment have installed heated permeate storage tanks, All treated permeate hot water storage tanks can be manufactured with any combination of the following features.

  • 316 Stainless steel vessels
  • sight glass
  • level switches
  • skid mounting
  • Lagging
  • Inspection hatches
  • Low level pump protection
  • Air release valves

Please contact our design team for further details.


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