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Water Storage Tank Accessories

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Tubular Ladders are made for sectional tanks and constructed from 30mm x 20mm stringers. They have 20mm diameter rungs which fit into pre-drilled holes on each side of the stringer and are welded into position. They stand away from the side of the tank and can be used both inside and outside the tank. External ladders are supplied with fixings which go through the wall of the tanks and are treated with a special material that prevents water running along the thread. When positioning external ladders, we take into account the external insulation on the tank and allow for a safe foot location.

Standard Ladders have stringers made from 40mm x 20mm box section, laser cut with square holes to accept the 25mm x 25mm square rungs. The rung is then located through the holes, which are only cut on one side of each stringer, and then welded into position, thereby offering a safe flat area to stand on.

Ladder Saddle Straps and Brackets

Ladders are made in 6 metre lengths. For installations that require a greater length we supply a saddle strap arrangement which is safe to fit on-site.

For fixing ladders we offer standard brackets or an adjustable version (both laser cut for accuracy). These brackets sit under the rung, with one bracket turned over the rung to prevent the ladder from being removed. The back fixing plate can be bent to fit a profile when the ladder is being located within a circular shaft.

Other support systems are designed to suit individual site conditions.

Safety Hoops, Handles and Platforms

Safety Hoops are required on ladders over 2.5 metres high and these are constructed from 2.5mmm diameter tube, giving a comfortable surface to grip (as opposed to the normal bar commonly used). We can supply hoops in kit form should they need to pass through a restricted access.

Retractable Handholds are fitted to standard ladders over 2.2 metres long and will extend above the ladder by 1 metre. These will assist a person to climb onto or off the ladder safely.

Safety Tops are sections of ladder which, when not in use, fold over at 90 degrees. When a ladder is fitted in a shaft, the safety top will prevent the user falling when a manhole is opened. This unique product has special brackets fitted onto the stringers of the ladder. When the top section comes into the upright position it will lock into place.

Hand Railing has pre-drilled stanchions through which the two rails pass and are locked into position. Corners come pre-shaped for ease of assembly.

Sliding Safety Platforms are used where each section of a shaft with intermediate floors needs to be sealed to prevent accidents. This is achieved by the Sarena sliding platform located at each floor. It can be moved backwards by lifting up to release from the locking lugs and slid backwards on the fixed track, allowing a user to pass down to the next level. After descent the platform is slid back into position.


Rest Platforms are required for ladders over 6 metres in height and come in either kit form or fully assembled. The flooring material is a GRP non-slip grating which is fixed in position.

Stainless Steel Anchor Bolts are available in 316 grade stainless steel to complete your installation.

Anti-Climb Guard prevents ladders from being accessed by unauthorised people. A GRP moulding is produced which, when locked, ensures a ladder cannot be climbed.

With our resources and knowledge we are able to manufacture many other products in stainless steel. Please contact us with your requirement.

Water Tank Flanges

  • PN16 flanges with backing rings, gasket, stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers, sizes from ½” to 8”
  • PN16 flanges threaded, with backing rings, gasket, stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers, sizes from ½” to 3”


  • PFTP – Female iron to plain sockets sizes from ½” to 4”
  • PMTB – Male iron to plain sockets sizes from ½” to 4”

Bends, Tees and Unions

  • 90 degree bends sizes from ½” to 4
  • Equal tees with plain sockets sizes from ½” to 4”
  • Double unions sizes from ¾” to 4”
  • Equal plain sockets sizes from ½” to 4”

Sparge Pipe Assemblies and Additional Fittings

Sparge Pipe Assemblies

This assembly is fitted when access does not permit down service to be located in the desired position with respect to inlet, thus complying with water regulations. (G16.6)

Additional Fittings

Electronic overflow warning systems – BMS compatible or stand-alone, with visual and/or audible warning.

Electronic water level indicators – BMS compatible or stand-alone, with visual and/or audible warning.

Float switches.

Temperature monitoring equipment.

Tank Connectors and Overflows


  • Brass Tank Connectors – with a conventional compression fitting for use with copper pipe.
  • Plastic Tank Connectors – used when connecting plastic overflow or warning pipes.
  • UPVC Tank Connectors – these have a long BSP thread at one end and the other end plain. The BSP thread is designed so that an isolation valve can be located directly onto the tank connector. Conventional UPVC fittings can be glued on at the plain end.

Water Tank Valves

Ball Valves

Designed to give a high flow of water through the valve. They are supplied with appropriate size floats. In addition, when a type ‘AA’ or ‘AB’ airgap is required, the valve may be supplied with a drop arm, to enable a higher water level to be set whilst the body of the valve is located in a valve box.


Part 2 Ball Valves
Complete with variable setting float and raised discharge point

Isolation Valves

Quarter turn valves allow supplies to be isolated quickly without dripping.

FSV – Flanged
SVIT – Female Threaded

Keraflo™ Aylesbury Valves

  • AYLK – K Type Designed to replace a conventional valve with adjustment on the arm to set water levels.
  • AYLKA – KA Type Ideal for location in a valve box for achieving type “AA” and ”AB” air gaps. The extended arm gives a variable setting of water levels.
  • AYLKB – KB Type The KB valve has a unique float system which allows high and low levels to be set, ideal for use in buildings that have an occupancy change. Can be installed in a valve box when “AA” or “AB” air gap is required or in a conventional position within a tank.