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Biotechnology – Nitrification Restore

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Biotechnology – Nitrification Restore


ammonia-water-treatmentA range of nitrifying bacteria – Nitrosomonas (NS) and Nitrobacter (NB). NS converts Ammonia to Nitrite, NB converts Nitrite to Nitrate.

Fermented in-house by IWE.

Available in a range of activity levels from 100 to 5000 mg/N/lt/hr

Very short shelf-life, therefore fresh stocks always available

Can be shipped world-wide at short notice


The simplest and cheapest way to restore nitrification

Fresh bacteria ensure optimum activity levels maintained


The volume and activity of N-Series bacteria is carefully calculated by IWE.

This is then despatched in a refrigerated container. The plant operator can manually add the bacteria to the treatment plant. This is normally at the inlet to the nitrifying zone of the plant.

Nitrifying bacteria are also required as part of the maintenance of ornamental fish pond aquaria, especially koi carp, as a means of reducing lethal ammonia levels.

The bacteria are used to seed the pond filters.