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Grease and Fat Removal

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Grease & Fat

L100 Grease Trap Dosing Fluid


Pump Station

L100 Grease Trap Dosing Fluid

Amnite S140X


Uric Acid Degrader

Clearinate L300



Contaminant Removal

Fridge Slime

Fridge Slime Prevention


Nitrification Restore





Pollutant Degrader

Organic Pollutant Degrader

Biotechnology - Grease and Fat Removal


Typical Applications
Fat DigestionFat Traps on Drains
Fat or Grease blocked drainsEnzyme Dosing Systems
Drain BlockageGrease Interceptors
Drain CleaningFat Reducing Processes
Drain MaintenanceFat Trap Dosing Equipment
Microbial Dosing
ProductTypical Use
L100Removes oil and grease that accumulates within fat traps
L140XTypically suited to the digestion of fat build up within traps and drain lines
L200Enhanced biological cleaning agent
L240XEnhanced odour control surface cleaning agent

Biological drain unblocker. The natural way to clear blocked drains and minimise future clogged drains and blockages.


System is installed and fully maintained by IWE engineers
Doses a natural bio-fluid which is a blend of Hazard Group 1 Bacillus spores and bio-degradable surfactants.
Requires quarterly fluid replenishment
Comes in a range of activity levels to suit every requirement
Uses a battery operated dosing unit


Ensures compliance with legislation, including Building Regulations pt H, and other environmental laws

Does not require expensive mains power or a dedicated water supply
Ensures free running drains by preventing fat blockages
Saves money on expensive drainage call-outs.
Customer need not worry about the system ’running out’
Enhances the performance of effluent treatment plants


By law all commercial kitchens require some form of grease management system. Typical applications include the drains serving pot-wash sinks and rotisserie oven condensate discharge lines.