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Biotechnology – Contaminant Removal

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Biotechnology - Contaminant Removal


Typical Applications
Polluted StreamsTreatment Plants
Effluent TreatmentSolid Waste Treatment
Oil ContaminationPolluted Land


contaminant-removalA range of specialised powdered bacterial products which degrade hydro-carbons from short chain aliphatic to complex substituted aromatic hydrocarbons.

  • Powder product, available on bran, kelp or soluble nutrient base
  • Products target specific hydrocarbons, including:
  • Amnite P100 petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Amnite P300 aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Amnite PC350 halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Amnite P1300 - short and long chain hydrocarbons
  • Products contain several strains of primarily Pseudomonas bacteria
  • Stable indefinitely
  • Effective in liquid and solid wastes
  • Available in bulk or in a ‘bacsock’



Convenient and safe to use

Rapid removal of a range of contaminants from effluent streams and polluted land

Can be stored on site as ‘insurance’ against future incidents

Bacsocks ensure ease of use and handling


Used to recover failing waste treatment plants suffering from oil contamination.

The product is added to the aerated zone of the treatment plant where the bacteria degrade the hydrocarbon contaminants.

Products can also be pre-grown on-site and added to ‘bio-piles’ of contaminated land to boost the bioremediation of waste oil in the soil.

Also used in car wash biological re-claim units, to degrade oily waste collected by the system. These powder products can be used with the Baccelerator to ensure pre acclimatisation prior to their addition to the waste stream or bio-pile.