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Biotechnology – Biogest

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Biotechnology – Biogest

Typical Applications
Septic Tank TreatmentOrganic Waste Breakdown
Effluent StreamsOdour Reduction

ProductTypical Use
S140XBroad range bacterial organic degrader
S200Organic Solids Digester And Deodouriser (Ecoloo)
S250Septic Tank Organic Solids Degrader (Biogest)
S350XLiquid Organic Solids Degrading & Deodourising Product


Broad range bacterial organic degrader, principally for use in septic tank treatment and mix waste effluent streams.

Available in liquid or powder form
Includes a broad range of organic waste degrading bacteria
Can be manually applied or dosed via an automatic dosing system


Restores the biological balance in a septic tank

Reduces the frequency septic tanks require emptying

Helps maintain an aerobic septic tank, reducing odours

Breaks down a broad range of organic waste matter


Manual Application: 25ml/week from a 1lt Tip&Pour bottle or a 25gm sachet applied directly to the loo farthest from the septic tank. Automatic dosing: 20lt drum dosing a set amount on a daily basis.