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Biotechnology – Baccelerator

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Biotechnology – Baccelerator

Typical Applications
Ammonia Reduction to Consent LevelsEffluent Discharge and Consent Levels
Ammonia PollutionEffluent Consent Levels
Bio-AugmentationSS COD Level Reduction
BOD ConsentSuspended Solid Reduction
COD ConsentWaste Discharge Consent
Water Discharge Consent LevelsWaste Water Consent and Discharge
EA Consent LevelsEnvironment Agency Consent Levels and Reduction



Mobile biological activation unit that continuously doses specifically tailored and acclimatised actively growing bacteria into biologically compromised treatment works to boost their performance.

  • Mobile unit that can be installed in any location
  • Runs off 415v 3-phase OR 240v single phase power
  • Doses up to 8m3 per day of acclimatised, actively growing bacteria
  • Runs unattended for between 1-3 months
  • Can grow up powdered or liquid bacteria, and add vital nutrients
  • Pro-actively managed by CBIO’s service engineers


  • Boosts the biological activity of a failing treatment plant
  • Accelerates STP’s recovery from a ‘toxic’ event
  • Improves nitrification by removing rogue inhibitors.
  • Improves compliance with Environment Agency discharge consents


The Baccelerator can be installed in any biological waste water treatment plant, including municipal and industrial treatment works, and it can also be used to biologically seed reed beds.