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Oil Skimmers – Replacement Belts

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Oil Skimmers – Replacement Belts

Standard Poly Oil Skimmer Belt
Standard Poly Belts
Reinforced to resist stretching, able to withstand reasonably high temperatures (up to 170°F), and textured to retain a small amount of oil, thus drawing more oil to itself on subsequent passes. Used where rust inhibitors and temperature are a component of the wash water or where UV sensitivity is an issue. Picks up some emulsified oils.
Used On: All belt skimmers
Oil Skimmer Elastomer BeltElastomer Belts
Can handle abrasive and harsh environments. Used where rust inhibitors are a component of the wash water.
Used On: All belt skimmers
Oil Skimmer Corrosion Resistant Steel BeltsCorrosion Resistant Steel Belts
One of our most popular oil belt skimmer materials. Works well in most industrial applications where rust inhibitors are not a component of the wash water.
Used On: All belt skimmers except PetroXtractor
Oil Skimmer XP Poly BeltXP Poly Belts
Similar to the Standard Polymer but for higher temperature applications (up to 180°F continuous). Also used when a smoother surface is required.
Used On:All belt skimmers
Oil Skimmer LFO Poly BeltsLFO (Fuzzy Belt®) Poly Belts
Exceptional performance on light, non-viscous hydrocarbons, such as gasoline, where rate of recovery is an important factor. Resists stretching.
Used On:All belt skimmers except Might Mini
Oil Skimmer Looped (Fuzzy Belt®) Poly BeltsLooped (Fuzzy Belt®) Poly Belts
For high temperature and harsh applications that standard Fuzzy Belts cannot tolerate.
Used On: All belt skimmers except Mighty Mini