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Legionella Water Analysis

Industrial water equipment limited laboratories are now UKAS accredited.

Water AnalysisIncorporating the latest technology our laboratories are designed to process large volumes of water samples efficiently and effectively. We are now able to attend your site in order to take samples or you can request one of our “sample specific” bottles to be sent direct to your site.

These bottles come with a stamped addressed jiffy bag in which you return the sample back to our laboratories for the relevant analysis. The results will then be forwarded by email.

Typical water systems in which we cover all analysis aspects are :

  • Potable water systems,

  • Process water systems,

  • Swimming pool systems,

  • Environmental water systems,

  • Effluent and waste systems.

  • Industries served include;

  • Chemical industry

  • Engineering companies

  • Food industry

  • Hydrogeological and environmental consultants

  • Manufacturing companies

  • Paper industry

  • Power industry

  • Regulatory authorities e.g. councils

  • Waste management companies

  • Water industry and associated companies

Following are a few key tests we offer :

  • Anions and metals

  • Pesticides and herbicides

  • PAHs and Phenols

  • Physical tests

  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

  • Full range of routine regulatory microbiological parameters

  • Legionella analysis

Parasitology detection :

Licensed to carry out regulatory Cryptosporidium analysis Giardia using the latest techniques ALL analysis, whether for monitoring or water quality assessment, is in strict compliance with European and UK legislation and guidelines including: Drinking Water in Containers Regulations 1994, EC Directive 80/778, Natural Mineral Water Regulations, Private Water Supply Regulations 1991, Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000, Water Supply (Water Quality) Amendment 2001.