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IWE Reverse Osmosis Membranes – 4″ x 21″

Industrial Water Equipments new BW4021 Membranes are specifically designed for the Reverse Osmosis Membrane 4 x 21"production of pure water for a huge range of industrial applications.

The main benefits of using Industrial Water Equipments Range of RO membranes are as follows.

  • Best price guarantee
  • Buy from Trusted professional Water Treatment company Industrial Water Equipment ltd who’s tech team will advise you if required.
  • Directly replaces any 4” x 21” RO membranes.
  • Produces less waste water.
  • Always available from UK Stock.
  • Low pressure required.
  • More efficient than other more expensive membranes.
  • Higher flow Capacities.
  • Individually quality tested.
  • Directly replaces Toray, Axaeon, Hydronautics and Dow membranes (plus others).
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Industrial Water Equipment RO membrane elements include high desalination series and high flow series. RW series are suitable for desalination of surface water, underground water and low pollution water source with TDS<1500ppm. RW series are mainly applied for municipal landscape and agricultural irrigation, drinking water treatment, municipal water supply, dewatering and reclaimed water treatment, water purification system in pharmaceuticals industry, business water purifier, water purifier system in hospital and laboratory and integrated water purifier with the advantages of lower operation pressure, higher flow and lower energy consumption.

Specification and Performance

ModelActive Membrane Area ft2(m2)Average Permeated Flow GPD (m3/d)Stable Rejection Rate ( %)Minimum Rejection Rate (%)
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Testing Conditions
Testing Pressure150psi (1.03Mpa)
Temperature of Testing Solution25℃
Concentration of Testing Solution (NaCl)1500ppm
pH Value of Testing Solution7.5
Recovery Rate of Single Membrane Element15%
Operation Limits and Conditions
Max. Working Pressure600psi􀒁4.14Mpa􀒂
Max. Feed water Flow75gpm(17m3/h) (8040), 16gpm(3.6m3/h) (4040,4021)
Max. Feed water Temperature45℃
Max. Feed water SDI155
Residual Chlorine Concentration of Feedwater􀒕0.1ppm
pH Range of Feedwater during Continuous Operation3 􀓗10
PH Range of Feedwater during Chemical Cleaning2 􀓗12
The Max. Pressure Drop of a Single Membrane Element15psi (0.1Mpa)