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Shunt Variable Flowmeters

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Shunt Variable Flowmeters

Shunt Variable Flow Meter

  • Flow Rate : 33-1600 L/min
  • Operating Temperature : 80.00 º
  • Operating Pressure : 25 BarG
  • Wetted Materials : Stainless Steel
  • Pipe size : 100.00mm
  • Material : Stainless steel plate mounted in polyester coated steel carrier ring
  • Flanges : Standard BS10 Table E
  • DP Produced : 25″ WG for air 100″ WG for liquid flows (max)
  • Thickness : Standard 25mm
  • Valves : Dual S/steel isolating valves fitted
  • Tube : Borosilicate glass, l00mm scale
  • Piping : Copper with plated Brass connections
  • Model SGUL uses flexible piping to install indicator at up to 25 feet away
  • Housing : Polyester coated die cast aluminium with perspex window
  • O Ring Seals : Nitrile
  • Options : GIR Alarm (to special order)
  • Designed to suit flange fittings (ANSI, DIN)
  • Different process fluids or flow ranges
  • Meters for line sizes up to 24″
  • All Stainless steel orifice plate

Flow Meters – Shunt Orifice

Shunt orifice Flowmeters are direct reading flow measurement systems for clean liquids and gases in pipes from 1 1/4″ to 24″ diameter.

By introducing a standard sharp edge orifice plate between flanges on the line, a proportion of the main flow is diverted around the external pipework, through a locally mounted specially calibrated VA meter.

The flow through this shunt meter is linearly related to the line flow and is read directly on a linear scale. Available for Air, Gas and Water