Shunt Variable Flow Meter

Flow Rate : 33-1600 L/min. Operating Temperature : 80.00 º. Operating Pressure : 25 BarG. Wetted Materials : Stainless Steel. Pipe size : 100.00mm. Material : Stainless steel plate mounted in polyester coated steel carrier ring. Flanges : Standard BS10 Table E. DP Produced : 25″ WG for air 100″ WG for liquid flows (max). Thickness : Standard 25mm. Valves : Dual S/steel isolating valves fitted. Tube : Borosilicate glass, l00mm scale. Piping : Copper with plated Brass connections. Model SGUL uses flexible piping to install indicator at up to 25 feet away. Housing : Polyester coated die cast aluminium with perspex window. O Ring Seals : Nitrile. Options : GIR Alarm (to special order). Designed to suit flange fittings (ANSI, DIN). Different process fluids or flow ranges. Meters for line sizes up to 24″. All Stainless steel orifice plate

Flow Meters – Shunt Orifice

Shunt orifice Flowmeters are direct reading flow measurement systems for clean liquids and gases in pipes from 1 1/4″ to 24″ diameter.

By introducing a standard sharp edge orifice plate between flanges on the line, a proportion of the main flow is diverted around the external pipework, through a locally mounted specially calibrated VA meter.

The flow through this shunt meter is linearly related to the line flow and is read directly on a linear scale. Available for Air, Gas and Water

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