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Metal Tube Flow Meters

Metal Tube Purge Flowmeter Gas

Metal Tube Flow MeterFor monitoring low flow rates of high pressure liquids or gases, or where glass tubes are not suitable, purgemeters are Stainless steel in construction with a magnetically coupled pointer. they provide direct flow indication and can be fitted with flow control valves.
Suitable for:

  • Use where glass flow tubes are not suitable
  • Purging, mixing or sampling
  • Low flow/high pressure requirements

Gas or air flows scaled to customer requirements. In-line connection or rear facing connections with control valve.

  • Operating Temperature : From -20 to 100 ºC
  • Operating Pressure : Up to 100 BarG APT or 40 BarG APV
  • Wetted Materials : Stainless Steel
  • Flow tube & end block materials : 316 Stainless Steel
  • Float Material : Dural
  • O-ring Seal Material : Viton
  • Meter Housing Materials : Aluminium, black anodised body. Polycarbonate window
  • Pipe Size : 6.50mm
  • Protection : IP65
  • Accuracy : VDE/VDI Class 6
  • Connections : 1/4″ NPT female

Available for Air, Gas and Water


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