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Glass Tube and Float

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Glass Tube Variable Flow Meters

The Platon range of Borosilicate Glass flowmeters are based on the well known Variable Area principle of flow measurement. Using various combinations of tubes and floats, thirteen standard gas, and seven liquid sizes are available with scales to suit the application. All tubes are flow tested prior to scale placemenGlass Tube Larget, which is fused into the glass to provide clear and long lasting visibility. The fluted floats rotate to indicate free movement and therefore reliable operation. Available separately or complete with a flowmeter frame to suit your application. Use the tables to choose a standard tube or consult our Sales Team who can help with a custom scale.

Glass tube Variable Area flowmeters are simple and reliable in operation and instantaneous in response – they offer flow visualisation to the operator, and the float rotation gives confirmation of correct meter performance. Standard tubes and floats offer low line pressure loss and a high-resolution 100mm linear scale fused into the glass tube. Fluid flowing vertically upwards through the tapered glass tube causes the float to rise to an equilibrium position. Flow rate is measured on the scale of the flow tube, along the top edge of the float. Platon borosilicate glass flow tubes from RM&C are individually scaled and individually flow calibrated according to customers requirements. Custom scales are produced using our “Reynolds Curve” prediction software, which corrects for the effects of changes in density, temperature, pressure and viscosity of the working fluid.

Anesthetic tubes are made to order. Please contact us specifying the gas, flow range, accuracy and tube length required for a specific product and price quotation.