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Digital Pressure Gauge

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Pressure Increments
Pressure RangePSIBARMPAkgf/cm^2
0-200 PSI0.50.010.00050.01
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Pressure Gauge Images

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Product Information
Accuracy≠ 1.0% F.S ≠ 1 digit @ 25 ºC
Pressure UnitsPSI, BAR, MPA, Kg/CM 2
Temp. CompFrom 0 to 45 ºC
Thermal Error≠ 1.0% F.S ≠ 1 digit
Display Type26mm * 14.5 mm
Product SizeDiameter 50.8mm * 20mm
Product Weight85g
Thread Connection1/8" BSP Male
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Pressure Gauge Measurements

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Additional Functions
Strong digital pressure gauge, large display size, easy to read, high accuracy
Automatic alarm when over pressure
Calibrated to 200 PSI in 0.5 PSI increments
Easy to switch the units on. Display to PSI, BAR, MPA or KgF/cm2