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Cooling Tower Controller IWE-AS 3035


  • AS3035 ControllerMenu driven programming utilizing LCD-display (2 lines)
  • Choice of languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish and Swedish)
  • Built-in audio signal for programmable signal indicators
  • Adaptable to user specific requirements by built-in programmable options
  • Simple control utilizing easy to follow symbols
  • Universally applicable for various flush installations
  • Flushing depending on water meter, conductivity and both water meter and conductivity
  • Locking of programming possible by use of a code number
  • Programming a service telephone number possible
  • Substantial status information employing info key
  • Inputs : water meter, dosing tank 1 empty, low level in tank, dosing tank 2 empty
  • Option for additional circuit board (IF2030) : level switch or input stop
  • Integrated conductivity meter with automatic range switching
  • The instrument probe cell constants programmable from 0,01- 10,00 cm-1.
  • Manual temperature compensation
  • Outputs : flush valve, dosing depending on water meter with programmable number of pulses and pulse length, shot dosing (biocid), alarm output. Option for additional circuit board (IF2030) : 2 programmable potential free outputs
  • Manually control of the outputs
  • Security of program information against supply failure, as all program information is stored without battery.
  • Manufactured in accordance with EMC codes of practice.
  • Available in wall mounted performance
  • Available (input /output) : 24/24V, 115/115V, 230/230V, 115/24V, 230/24V

IWE-AS 3035 Manual

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