Turbidity Removal Water Filters

Filter AG+ filters play a vital role in trapping suspended solids present in water. Their mission is to capture these particles within the filter media while in service. When the flow is reversed during the backwash cycle, the captured solids are efficiently removed. Not only do they enhance filtration, but they also protect other treatment equipment. Turbidity can be a challenge, blinding other filter media and rendering them less effective. Our solution ensures peak performance.

Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s water quality, enhance a commercial setup, or optimise industrial processes, Clack’s Filter AG+ has you covered.

clack turbidity removal water filters

RefDescriptionControl ValveTank Size*Media VolumeFlow Rate
FAGP1-C11.49 m3/hr Filter AG+ WS1 SystemClack WS110” x 54”1.0 ft31.49 m3/hr
FAGP1.5-C12.14 m3/hr Filter AG+ WS1 SystemClack WS112” x 52”1.5 ft32.14 m3/hr
FAGP2-C12.51 m3/hr Filter AG+ WS1 SystemClack WS113” x 54”2.0 ft32.51 m3/hr
FAGP2.5-C12.91 m3/hr Filter AG+ WS1 SystemClack WS114” x 65”2.5 ft32.91 m3/hr
FAGP4-C13.80 m3/hr Filter AG+ WS1 SystemClack WS116” x 65”4.0 ft33.80 m3/hr
FAGP5-C14.81 m3/hr Filter AG+ WS1 SystemClack WS118” x 65”5.0 ft34.81 m3/hr
FAGP7-C1.56.55 m3/hr Filter AG+ WS1.5 SystemClack WS1.521” x 60”7.0 ft36.55 m3/hr
FAGP8-C158.56 m3/hr Filter AG+ WS1.5 SystemClack WS1.524” x 69”8.0 ft38.56 m3/hr
FAGP11-C1513.37 m3/hr Filter AG+ WS1.5 SystemClack WS1.530” x 72”11.0 ft313.37 m3/hr
FAGP20-C219.25 m3/hr Filter AG+ WS2 SystemClack WS236” x 72”20.0 ft319.25 m3/hr
FAGP25-C226.20 m3/hr Filter AG+ WS3 SystemClack WS342” x 78”25.0 ft326.20 m3/hr
FAGP33-C334.22 m3/hr Filter AG+ WS3 SystemClack WS348” x 82”33.0 ft334.22 m3/hr
FAGP49-C340.94 m3/hr Filter AG+ WS3 SystemClack WS355” x 104”49.0 ft340.94 m3/hr
*Filter AG+ 1 Cuft / bag

turbidity faq's

Mains water is filtered by water treatment companies to remove any particles of turbidity, however, if you are on a borehole or spring supply, then there will be the possibility that the water is contaminated by small particles that form naturally down the borehole.

Turbidity is flagged up by water reports, and anything over 4 NTU is considered not fit for Human Consumption. Anything over 8 NTU will probably need a backwashing unit as the levels of turbidity will blind standard particulate filters to quickly to be considered viable.

Turbidity is measured by light refraction in water, and there may be particles in the water that are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye. These particles can’t be seen with the naked eye, and don’t clump so will never become visible, but they are there and still refract light.

Turbidity is not aesthetically pleasing, no one wants particles floating in their ice-cold glass of water on a summers day. However, there is another issue, in that the small particles are large enough to stop UV light penetrating and disinfecting bacteria. You need to remove all the particulates before trying to remove bacteria.

Turbidex is very angular, rough surfaced and has microporous void spaces as small as 3 microns. This then traps the particles as water passes through the filtration media. If you try to force the water to flow to quickly through the system, it becomes less effective and doesn’t trap all the particles. If you are unsure about the size of system you need, then please contact one of our specialists for assistance.

Turbidity media is backwashed frequently, every night to give a fresh media bed for you to use every morning when you wake up. This prolongs the life of the system and means that you will get between 6-10 years of use before having to replace anything inside the blue vessel.

Filter housings need the filters changing roughly every 6 months to remain effective. If you don’t have the time, or capacity to do this, then they can get blocked up and cause issues with the water to your property. Also the cost of replacing filters every 6 months for 10 years is almost the same as installing one backwashing system, which can be left in the shadows, never needing to be changed for 10 years.

Turbidity Removal

AG+ media sets the standard for exceptional filtration, reducing particles down to 3 to 5 microns. It’s crafted from a unique blend of clinoptilolite natural media, renowned for its expansive surface area and intricate microporous structure. In fact, its surface area surpasses silica sand by over 100 times. This isn’t just about size—it’s about efficiency.

The combination of a rough surface and internal porosity creates the perfect environment for tackling suspended matter head-on. Filter AG+ excels at reducing turbidity and achieving remarkable results.

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