Clack Sand Filters

  • Removes particles in water that can be unsightly
  • Can be used for high volumes, filtering down to 40µm
  • Suitable for non-potable solutions
  • Used as the first filter in line to take the brunt of heavily turbid water, can then help other systems work more efficiently.
  • Clean and clear water throughout your home. No Silt, No Dirt, No Cloudiness
  • Get in touch with one of our specialist engineers for more information and assistance.

clack sand water filters

RefDescriptionControl ValveTank Size*Media Volume in bagsFlow Rate
S50-C10.61 m3/hr Sand Filter WS1 SystemClack WS110” x 54”50 kg0.61 m3/hr
S75-C10.88 m3/hr Sand Filter WS1 SystemClack WS112” x 52”75 kg0.88 m3/hr
S100-C11.03 m3/hr Sand Filter WS1 SystemClack WS113” x 54”100 kg1.03 m3/hr
S125-C11.19 m3/hr Sand Filter WS1 SystemClack WS114” x 65”125 kg1.19 m3/hr
S150-C11.56 m3/hr Sand Filter WS1 SystemClack WS116” x 65”150 kg1.56 m3/hr
S175-C11.97 m3/hr Sand Filter WS1 SystemClack WS118” x 65”175 kg1.97 m3/hr
S250-C12.68 m3/hr Sand Filter WS1 SystemClack WS121” x 60”250 kg2.68 m3/hr
S400-C153.50 m3/hr Sand Filter WS1.5 SystemClack WS1.524” x 69”400 kg3.50 m3/hr
S625-C155.47 m3/hr Sand Filter WS1.5 SystemClack WS1.530” x 72”625 kg5.47 m3/hr
S900-C27.88 m3/hr Sand Filter WS2 SystemClack WS236” x 72”900 kg7.88 m3/hr
S1250-C210.72 m3/hr Sand FilterWS2H SystemClack WS2H42” x 78”1250 kg10.72 m3/hr
S1700-C314.00 m3/hr Sand Filter WS3 SystemClack WS348” x 82”1700 kg14.00 m3/hr
* Sand filters come in 25kg or 16.6L
** Flow rates based on a five 4.91 gpm / sqft

Sand Filter FAQ's

Mains water is filtered by water treatment companies to remove any particles of turbidity, however, if you are on a borehole or spring supply, then there will be the possibility that the water is contaminated by small particles that form naturally down the borehole.

Turbidity is flagged up by water reports, and anything over 4NTU is considered not fit for Human Consumption. Anything over 8 NTU will probably need a backwashing unit as the levels of turbidity will blind standard particulate filters to quickly to be considered viable.

Turbidity is measured by light refraction in water, and there may be particles in the water that are so small, they can’t be seen with the naked eye, and don’t clump so never become visible, but they are there and still refract light.

Sand sits in the vessel and creates a compacted filter bed. As particles pass through the filter bed, they get trapped, stopping them from going to service and keeping them in place. These are then released when the unit is put into backwash. Flushed away to drain nightly.

Sand is backwashed frequently, every night to give a fresh media bed for you to use every morning when you wake up. This prolongs the life of the system and means that you will get between 1-2 years of use before having to replace anything inside the blue vessel.

Sand Filter

Clack Sand Water Filters are needed when the water supply is cloudy or turbid. The easiest way to remove the particles is by passing the water though a media where the particles get stuck allowing clear water to flow through. The particles can be periodically backwashed away to drain.

Sand is the ideal media for this with the highest quality, triple washed 0.4 to 0.8mm size water treatment grade sand is used in these systems (typically reducing particles to about 40µm). A sand / Filter Ag mix gives filtration down to about 20µm with Turbidex reducing particles down to 5µm.

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