Activated Carbon Water Filters

GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) Is a filtration media specifically engineered for removing excess Chlorine, Taste and Odour. The carbon is manufactured from coconut shells and is environmentally friendly. Carbon is used in the manufacture of your favourite soft drinks and alcohol, to purify the water before it goes into production.

Clack Activated Carbon Technical Data
Vessel SizeMedia Volume (Kg)Maximum Flow (m3/hr)
10 x 54200.6
12 x 52250.9
13 x 54351
14 x 65501.2
16 x 65631.6
18 x 65852
21 x 601002.7
24 x 691503.6
30 x 722005.6
36 x 723008
42 x 7845011
48 x 8255014

activated carbon faq's

Why is there chlorine in my water?

Mains water companies add chlorine in the water treatment process to disinfect your supply.

What’s that smell when I run the bath?

Due to the large volume of water, the smell of chlorine is more prominent. It’s a very similar smell to when you are at the public swimming pool. The carbon unit will remove this smell, and your bath bombs will be more pungent.

Why should I treat my whole house?

Imagine having the same water quality as your Brita filter but for your entire property, all for a fraction of the price of a jug system. The whole house system is much more cost effective, giving you a higher quality of water throughout the entire house.

How does carbon remove chlorine?

Activated carbon works via adsorption, where particles of chlorine become trapped in the porous carbon media. One gram of carbon has a surface area of 32,000 square ft. Because of adsorption, the carbon media can reach its chlorine removal capacity so will need replacing periodically.

How often do I need to recharge the media?

This all depends on how much water you are using. And the size of unit you have installed. Typically, a filter bed will work perfectly well for 12-18 months.

Will this carbon unit replace my Brita filter?

Yes, it will, and you will be able to drink it straight from the tap. No waiting around anymore. All the water in your house will be a superior quality.

Activated Carbon

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filters are an excellent choice for removal of chlorine, taste, odour or organics (bone charcoal will also reduce some heavy metals). Coconut, coal, bone or wood based are available. Flow is based on dechlorination, reduce to 20% for colour.

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