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Brass Ball Float Valves

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Brass Ball Float Valves

Brass Float Valves

BS1212 Part One, High Pressure.

Float sold separately, see below for details.

Brass Float Valve
1/2"2204 1/2"£6.57Buy Now
3/4"3256"£22.32Buy Now
1"4008"£51.16Buy Now
1 1/4"56510"£143.31Buy Now
1 1/2"56510"£162.10Buy Now
2"72512"£238.04Buy Now

Copper & Plastic Floats

Float to suit Brass Ball Float Valve.

Plastic Float
4 1/2"£1.81Buy Now
6"£3.98Buy Now
8"£23.31Buy Now
10"£51.66Buy Now
12"£74.25Buy Now
Copper Float
4 1/2"£14.35Buy Now
6"£21.24Buy Now
8"£41.41Buy Now
10"£55.03Buy Now
12"£86.99Buy Now
14"£158.24Buy Now
15"£192.98Buy Now
16"£251.78Buy Now