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Siata Duplex – pH Correction

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Siata Duplex – pH Correction


pH Correction Water Filters are commonly used for various different applications within industrial settings but can also be found in residential settings. pH correction is most commonly required when the water supply comes from a borehole or natural spring. Borehole water usually has a pH lower than the desired pH of 7 and can be as low as 6 pH. If left uncorrected, this can cause a multitude of problems with pipework, tanks, boilers and other water treatment equipment not to mention the effect it can have on your industrial production. Even a 0.1 increase or decrease in pH can greatly effect the quality of your water and depending on your application, could cost you dearly.


CodeVessel SizeMax Flow -
Duty Standby
Max Flow -
S10DSIF132SFEC10PH10" x 54"0.6 m3/hr flow1.2 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF132SFEC13PH13" x 54"1.1 m3/hr flow2.2 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF132SFEC14PH14" x 65"1.2 m3/hr flow2.4 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF132SFEC16PH16" x 65"1.5 m3/hr flow3.0 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF230SFEC18PH18" x 65"1.9 m3/hr flow3.8 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF250SFEC21PH21" x 60"2.6 m3/hr flow5.2 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF250SFEC24PH24" x 69"3.5 m3/hr flow7.0 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF250SFEC30PH30" x 78"5.4 m3/hr flow10.8 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF351SFEC36PH36" x 78"7.8 m3/hr flow15.6 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF363SFEC42PH42" x 78"10.7 m3/hr flow21.4 m3/hr flow


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