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Siata Duplex – Multimedia

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Siata Duplex – Multimedia


Multimedia or (MMF) Water Filters consist of a collection of four different filtration methods combined into one single unit. This single filter is commonly placed before a Reverse Osmosis system to ensure the removal of any contaminants that are likely to scale, foul or chemically attack the membranes.

The main reason for using a MMF is to reduce turbidity. A MMF can remove particulates of between 10-20 microns. If further filtration is required, the effectiveness of a MMF can be increased to between 5-10 microns by using a coagulant.

The four medial layers of a MMF are as follows :

Media 1 – Consists of gravel and is placed at the bottom as it is the heaviest and largest particle this layer is also used as a support layer.

Media 2 – Consists of a 2mm filter sand/ garnet and is placed directly underneath the finer layer of sand.

Media 3 – Consists of a fine filter sand/ garnet and is placed directly underneath the anthracite.

Media 4 – Consists of Anthracite (coal) and although it is the largest particle, it is also the lightest and it therefore placed on top.

The media within the water filter is arranged in this way to ensure larger particles are removed at the beginning allowing for finer particles to pass through and be removed by the following layers of media.


CodeVessel SizeMax Flow -
Duty Standby
Max Flow -
S10DSIF132SFEC10MM10" x 54"0.6 m3/hr flow1.2 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF132SFEC13MM13" x 54"0.7 m3/hr flow1.4 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF132SFEC14MM14" x 65"1.0 m3/hr flow2.0 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF132SFEC16MM16" x 65"1.4 m3/hr flow2.8 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF230SFEC18MM18" x 65"1.9 m3/hr flow3.8 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF250SFEC21MM21" x 60"2.2 m3/hr flow4.4 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF250SFEC24MM24" x 75"3.2 m3/hr flow6.4 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF250SFEC30MM30" x 78"4.5 m3/hr flow9.0 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF351SFEC36MM36" x 78"6.5 m3/hr flow13.0 m3/hr flow
S10DSIF363SFEC42MM42" x 78"10.0 m3/hr flow20.0 m3/hr flow


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