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Fleck Duplex 2910 ES Water Softener


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Water Softeners | Fleck Duplex 2910 ES

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Fleck Duplex 2900 Water Softener

Units come supplied with:

  • Fleck 2900 Softener Control Valve – either Time Clock or Metered
  • Appropriate size of WRAS approved resin vessel
  • Riser with bottom distributor attached to the riser tube and top basket (cut to vessel size)
  • Appropriate volume of Softener Resin
  • Appropriate size brine tank
  • Drain hose 3m
  • Brine fill/ Draw tube 3m

Installation is easy

  • Connect the inlet and the outlet
  • Connect the drain
  • Connect the brine system
  • Plug in the transformer

General conditions for installation

  • Inlet/ Outlet connection – 2” BSP
  • Drain Connection – ¾” Hose
  • Electrical Rating – 230-24V / 50 Hz
  • Power Rating – 65 watts
  • Min inlet pressure – 200 kPa (2bar)
  • Max inlet Pressure – 700 kPa (7bar)
  • Vacuum – Not permitted
  • Average Pressure Loss – 100 kPa (1bar)
  • Max Water Temp – 43ºc

General Information

The Fleck 2900 Duplex Water Softener Units are suitable for Commercial, industrial and residential applications. All of our systems are either Time Clock or meter controlled (please select from the drop down menu)

The benefit of a meter controlled system is that it allows the system to calculate your water usage and instigate a regeneration cycle only when you have consumed enough water for the resin bed to be exhausted. These systems prevent any unnecessary water wastage and also ensure that your resin bed is never running past the state of exhaustion.

Timer controlled softeners allow you to set a particular time for regeneration and are also consistent and reliable.

We supply Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and bespoke water softening systems.

Duplex softeners are designed to produce a continuous and uninterrupted supply of softened water 24/7. To achieve this, these systems have a twin tank that work alternately so that there can always be one tank in service while the other thank is regenerating. These systems are particularly useful for industrial or commercial applications where stopping production for the regeneration process is simply not possible.


Dimensions (mm)
Resin LitresValve
Tank H3
Tank B2



General conditions for installation
Connection Inlet & Outlet2” BSPF
Drain Connection *3/4” BSPF
Electrical Rating230-24V / 50 Hz
Power Rating65 watts
Minimum Inlet Pressure200 kPa ( 2 Bar )
Maximum Inlet Pressure700 kPa ( 7 Bar )
VacuumNot permitted
Average Pressure Loss **100 kPa ( 1 Bar )
Maximum Water Temperature43ºc



* Open drain required
** It is recommended that a 20um Pre-cartridge filter be installed prior to the inlet of the water softener



TypeStrong acid cation resin – softening, food grade quality
Life Span15 years under normal operating conditions



Ion exchange
Litres of Resin125150200250300350400500600700
Softener Capacity
as CaCO³
Salt Conskg/reg15182430364248607284




Flow Rate
Litres of Resin 125150200250300350400500600700
 nominal m³/hr4.
 peak m³/hr5.06.08.010121416202020
minimum metered660 Litres/Hour



StartImmediately after reaching the set capacity
ManualManual operation as required
OptionES2050 Electronic Controller
Meter Type20 or 200 m³
2” Remote MeterNXT Electronic System 7
2” Multi-Jet MeterES2050 Electronic Controller
Remarks:The interval between regenerations should not be more than 4 days, this is to prevent bacteria growth.
Regenerations should be more than 8 hours apart.



Regeneration water usage
Litres of Resin 125150200250300350400500600700
1) BackwashLitres150210270380570570950950835835
2) Brining + Slow RinseLitres34532545046547562065091011201805
3) Fast RinseLitres1902703705308008001330133013401340

Fleck 2910 ES Service Kit

Fleck Valve 2900 Service Kit
Piston Assembly WBP 2510/2750/2900
Seal and Spacer Kit 2510/2750/2900/2910 Upper
Piston Assembly Lower NBP 2900
Seal and Spacer Kit Lower 2900/2910
Brine Valve 1700 Repair Kit 2750/2900
Injector Assembly Cover Gasket
Injector Body Gasket
Tank Adapter O-Ring 2900/3150
Riser Tube O-Ring
Service Kit 1600 3/8"£267.20Buy Now
Service Kit 1700 1/2"£269.25Buy Now
Fleck Valve 2900 Microswitch Kit
2900 Microswitch Kit£36.00Buy Now

Fleck 2910 ES Manual

Adobe PDF

1 Year Warranty


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What is a Simplex Water Softener?

A simplex water softener consists of one vessel containing ion exchange resin. Once the iron exchange resins are exhausted, the water softener will go into the regeneration sequence. During the regeneration sequence that takes about two hours, there will be no water passed through the softener to service. If the water softener is time controlled, it is possible to set the regeneration time to 3am when there is usually no requirement for water. If the water softener is a water meter controlled unit, it is more difficult to gage what time the water softener will regenerate. If a continuous supply of softened water is required, it is advisable to install a duplex water softener.

What is a Duplex Water Softener?

A duplex water softener consists of two vessels containing ion exchange resin, once the first column of resin has exhausted and goes into regeneration, the second column goes into service. This maintains soft water to service at all times. Duplex water softeners are usually water meter controlled but in some cases, duplex water softeners can be time clock controlled.