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Isipool pH

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Isipool pH Dosing Pumps


  • Digital display of pH
  • Simple one point calibration
  • Supplied complete with installation kit

Isipool BpH Pump Controller

Proportional acid or basic dosing under pH control

Measuring range 0 – 9.9 units, in increments of 0,1pH

Continuous illuminated digital display of pH value even when pool is not circulating

Key Features

Proportional peristaltic dosing pumps : Supplied complete with insertion pipe work, adaptors and BNC connectors

Casing : Chemical resistant reinforced polypropylene

Accessories : System supplied with a full installations and calibration kit

pH / Redox probes : Supplied complete with insertion pipe work, adaptors cable and BNC connectors

Calibration : Quality probe indicator

Alarm Functions : For errors in electrode calibration and range

Flow monitoring : By pool circulation pump

Power Supply : 230Vac, 50/60Hz ± 10% with cable

Dimensions : 251 x 136 x 187H