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Dealkalisation Equipment


Industrial water equipment limited is a leading provider of standard and custom water dealkalisation (dealk) systems for commercial and industrial applications where water alkalinity needs to be reduced for boiler feed. Industrial Water Equipments Dealkalisation units (dealk) are high quality bespoke systems specifically engineered to;

Reduce Boiler Blowdown

Alkalinity is a factor that most often dictates the amount of boiler blowdown. High alkalinity promotes boiler foaming and carryover and causes high amounts of boiler blowoff. When alkalinity is the limiting factor affecting the amount of blowdown, a dealkaliser or dealk will increase the cycles of concentrations, reducing boiler blowdown and lowering operating costs.
Reducing Chemical Use - The reduction of boiler blowdown by dealkalisation keeps the water treatment chemicals in the boiler longer, thus minimising the amount of chemicals required for efficient, non-corrosive operation.

Reduce Return Line Corrosion

Carbonate and bicarbonate alkalinities are decomposed by heat in boiler water, releasing carbon dioxide into the steam. This gas combines with the condensed steam in process equipment and return lines to form carbonic acid (H2CO3). This depresses the pH value of the condensate returns and results in corrosive attack on the equipment and piping.

Improve Textile Dyeing

Alkalinity may also produce non-uniform results in dyeing of textiles and other fabrics because of its effect on the pH value of the dye bath.

Improve Beverage Tastes

In beverage manufacturing, alkalinity often produces flat tastes or tends to destroy taste characteristics of flavouring extracts