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Biotechnology – Uric Acid Degrader

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Biotechnology – Uric Acid and Limescale Degrader



Typical Applications
Public UrinalsSurface Cleansing
Unpleasant OdoursLimescale Degrader

ProductTypical Use
L300Clearinate L300 Limescale build up & Uric Acid Degrader
L310XUric Acid & Lime Scale Degrading Product For Toilets And Urinals (Concentrate)

Biological limescale and uric degrader for urinals.


  • Discrete battery operated dosing unit
  • Doses bespoke biofluid
  • Concentrated fragrance
  • Diluted, the fluid can be used to clean surfaces
  • Pro-actively managed by IWE’s service engineers


Prevents uric acid and limescale build-up in urinal pipework

As a biological product this compliments IWE’s other products
Eliminates unpleasant odours, especially when used as a surface cleaner


Installed so as to directly dose the urinal cistern. Diluted the bio-fluid can be supplied in a 750ml spray bottle for use in cleaning.