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Low Level Alarm

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Low Level Alarm


Low Level Alarm – Type BSchematic
Optional Extras



Leak Detector Single Zone

Kit Includes:

Leak-Stop Alarm Panel
3m of connection cable
3m of sensor tape
5 x floor clips
15mm solenoid valve
5m valve connection cable
2m mains fly lead
BMS Connection

This is a complete system, sent out as a package to protect a tea point/kitchenette from water leaks.  It comes complete with an alarm panel, a 15mm valve, 3m of connections cable, 3m of sensor tape and all the other sundries required to install it.  If a leak occurs, the water will come into contact with the sensor tape and this immediately signals to the alarm panel to sound the buzzer and turn on the red light.  At the same time, the valve will close stopping the flow of water to the area and if connected, an alarm will be raised on the BMS (Building Management System).

Typically used in offices where the water supply and the waste pipes to and from the tea point area runs above vulnerable areas such as comms rooms or other tenants’ offices.

Designed to protect your home or office from water leaks. This is especially useful when your water supply and the waste pipes run above vulnerable areas such as communal rooms, rented accommodation or offices where a leak would cause large scale damage.