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Juraperle – Product Data

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Product Data

Juraperle – Product Data

Feed or supply Water which has a pH is below 7 is acidic.

Acidic water will cause corrosion in steel pipe work, cause staining of sinks, taps and baths and can cause a metallic taste to drinking water.

Juraperle ph correction filter media is a filter media consisting of approx 99% calcium carbonate granules.

Juraperle outperforms limestone due to its micro-crystalline structure which ensures it slowly dissolves into the feed water and it has no soluble constituents.

Juraperle filter media is also popular because of its low silica content.
Juraperle filtration media is a granular product with the particles being between 1 and 2mm, These particulates gradually dissolve in the acidic water causing them to correct the ph of the feed water therefore the Juraperle media will need replacing after time.