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IWE Pleated Filters – 30″ x 2.5″

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IWE Pleated Filters – 30″ x 2 ½”

Pleated Water Filter - 30" x 2.5"

Cellulose-FREE 100% Synthetic Media. Washable and reusable 5 micron and up.

Synthetic media allows the pleats to retain their form, maintaining a large amount of surface area. This allows the cartridge to handle higher solids loading and flow rates with a lower pressure drop that increases the filter efficiency and life, while reducing filter change out costs and frequency.

IWE Pleated Filter Range - 30" x 2.5"
CodeMicron RatingQuantityPrice
S84-PL-3025-1-111£28.59Buy Now
S84-PL-3025-1-313£68.62Buy Now
S84-PL-3025-1-10110£179.74Buy Now
S84-PL-3025-5-151£28.59Buy Now
S84-PL-3025-5-353£68.62Buy Now
S84-PL-3025-5-10510£179.74Buy Now
S84-PL-3025-20-1201£28.59Buy Now
S84-PL-3025-20-3203£68.62Buy Now
S84-PL-3025-20-102010£179.74Buy Now
S84-PL-3025-50-1501£28.59Buy Now
S84-PL-3025-50-3503£68.62Buy Now
S84-PL-3025-50-105010£179.74Buy Now