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Filter Sand – Product Data

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Product Data

Filter Sand – Product Data


Granular filter material containing mainly SIO² and is used for the treatment of potable and industrial waters for the filtration of suspended solids and removal of turbidity.

It can also be used in conjunction with anthracite to improve filter runs.

This product and grade of filter sand is usually packed in 25kg bags for easy handling, However tonne bags or bulk quantities can be supplied.

All our filter Sand is triple washed to ensure clean running of water filter once installed or replaced.

Our service department will be happy to give you a quotation for removal of your old filter media and replacing with new.

Filtration sand or filter sand functions.

Primarily the filter sand or filtration media acts as a barrier so fine particles can pass through the filter vessel but will hold back the bigger particles within the filter system.
The roughness of the outside edge of the filter sand traps fine particles and stops them flowing threw the filter.

The water filter can then be backwashed removing the particles from the filter sand and flushing it down to drain. Once the filter sand is clean the water filter would then return back to its service position giving clean filtered water.