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Cooling Tower Controller – AS3050/51

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Cooling Tower Controllers

Cooling Tower  Controller – AS3050/51

Cooling Tower Controller – AS3050/1 Wall Mounted (1 conductivity meter, man. Temp. Comp. 7 inputs and 7 outputs).
ModelPower in / outPrice
AS3050/124/24, 115/115 or 230/230 VAC£669.07Buy Now
Cooling Tower Controller – AS3050/2 Wall Mounted (2 conductivity meter, auto. Temp. Comp. 7 inputs and 7 outputs).
AS3050/224/24, 115/115 or 230/230 VAC£774.52Buy Now
Cooling Tower Controller – AS3050/1/l Wall Mounted (As AS3050/1 and including 2 recorder outputs).
AS3050/1/l24/24, 115/115 or 230/230 VAC£711.70Buy Now
Cooling Tower Controller – AS3050/2/l Wall Mounted (As AS3050/2 and including 2 recorder outputs).
AS3050/2/l24/24, 115/115 or 230/230 VAC£914.35Buy Now
Cooling Tower Controller – AS3051/1 Panel Mounted (1 conductivity meter, man. Temp. Comp. 7 inputs and 7 outputs).
AS3051/124/24, 115/115 or 230/230 VAC£746.56Buy Now
Cooling Tower Controller – AS3051/2 Panel Mounted (2 conductivity meter, auto. Temp. Comp. 7 inputs and 7 outputs).
AS3051/224/24, 115/115 or 230/230 VAC£852.02Buy Now
Cooling Tower Controller – AS3051/1/1 Panel Mounted (As AS3051/1 and including 2 recorder outputs).
AS3051/1/124/24, 115/115 or 230/230 VAC£883.18Buy Now
Cooling Tower Controller – AS3051/2/l Panel Mounted (As AS3051/2 and including 2 recorder outputs).
AS3051/2/l24/24, 115/115 or 230/230 VAC£989.88Buy Now


AS3050 Cooling Tower ControllerThe unit type AS3050 or type AS3051 is universal applicable for automatic monitoring and control of cooling tower plants. The controller is equipped with a conductivity meter optional is a second conductivity meter and temperature meter. Also optional is a circuit board with two recorder outputs (0(4) – 20 mA). There are six possible stages : “Service”, “Flush”, “Low level”, “Flush blocked” and “Shot dosing”. Adaptable to user specific requirements by built-in programmable options. The programmed configuration will be stored into non volatile memory and therefore not be affected by power loss.


  • Menu driven programming utilising “two line” LCD-display.
  • Choice of languages (English, French, German or Dutch)
  • Adaptable to user specific requirements by built-in programmable options.
  • Simple control utilising easy to follow symbols.
  • Universally applicable for various sizes of installation.
  • Programming a service telephone number possible.
  • Substantial status information employing INFO key: actual input and output conditions, service telephone number, software version, programming situation of the annunciation and malfunction relays, instrument probe cell constants.
  • Large green LCD-display showing water conductivity.
  • 7 Inputs : low level 1, tank full, tank empty, flush blocking 1, flush blocking 2, low level 2, water meter.
  • 3 relay outputs (powered) : flush valve 1, flush valve 2, inlet valve.
  • 3 relay outputs (dry contact) : dosing output 1, dosing output 2, alarm.
  • Integrated conductivity meter with automatic range switching.
  • Conductivity range according to the instrument probe cell constants from 0,1 to 1 00 000 µS/cm.
  • The instrument probe cell constants programmable from 0,01 to 10,00 cm-1.
  • Manual or automatic temperature compensation.
  • Duplicate conductivity meter and temperature reading as an available option.
  • Second cooling tower plant possible when card with two conductivity meters is installed. Status of second cooling tower control only in LCD display (not with LEDs).
  • Security of program information against supply failure, as all program information is stored without accu.
  • Large capacity microprocessor with “Watchdog”, illegal “Operation code” and frequency monitoring.
  • Manufactured in accordance with EMC codes of practice; by means of galvanic isolation between the micro-processor and the in- and output circuits, plus extra built-in filter.
  • Available for wall-mounting (AS3050) and panel-mounting (AS3051).
  • Available (input /output) : 24/24V, 115/115V, 230/230V.