Clack Multimedia Water Filters

  • 5 in 1 removal media perfect for both domestic and industrial purposes.
  • Removes iron up to 15ppm, removes the key forms of iron, Dissolved, Oxidised, Organic and colloidal.
  • The most reliable product on the market for manganese removal up to 3ppm
  • Ammonium removal up to 4ppm. No more chemical smell.
  • Hardness reduction, no need for a separate softener.
  • Organic matter removal, lowering Colour levels and tannins
  • No need for multiple units, you only need the space to install one unit.

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Clack aqua multi

Clack aqua multi bio

Clack Multimedia Technical Data

Multimedia Product Table

VesselMedia Volume (Ltrs)Max Flow Service (m3/hr)Salt Used Per Regen Kg
Capacity @ 300 ppm Ca CO3 (m3)
10 x 54371.33.83.7
12 x 52501.855
13 x 54622.26.26.2
14 x 64752.57.57.5

multimedia water filter faq's

Why is there iron and manganese in my water?

Mains water is treated for iron and manganese, it is heavily regulated due to the harmful nature to the human body and the negative consequences it brings. When water is extracted from borehole aquafers and springs the water passes through bedrock and picks up levels of these metals.

How do I know if I have an iron problem?

Iron can come in many different forms. The easiest way to identify an issue is to have a water analysis completed to identify the exact levels. Visible cues are not usually sufficient. For example, iron in solution is not visible in water until it is oxidised. You may see an orange ring around the toilet or plug hole. Whereas iron in suspension is very easily spotted as it will show up in your water as a deep orange rust colour.

How do I know if I have a manganese problem?

Manganese is more difficult to spot than most other heavy metals. It only leaves a small dark black stain on basins. The best way to detect manganese is a water test.

Why should I have a softener?

We have a whole page regarding Water Softeners, and why they are beneficial to you. In short, in hard water areas they can save you a fortune on boiler repairs and heating costs. They will make your hair feel better and you don’t have that grime and build up around faucets.

How often do I need to recharge the media?

The media regenerates with a brine solution, and depending on your need, can regenerate every day, or once every two weeks. As a result, the media only needs to be changed every 10 years, and if it’s well looked after it may last even longer.

Is ammonia harmful, do I need to remove it?

Ammonia is used in fertilizers and animal feed, and the residue from this can make its way naturally into the water table. It is not advisable for humans to consume ammonia as it reacts badly with the human body due to it being a corrosive substance. We would recommend not drinking any water high in ammonia till the removal has been confirmed.

Are there any running costs involved?

There is a small ongoing cost of Water Softener Salt. However to be able to guarantee a reduction in iron, manganese and hardness in one vessel means that the small ongoing cost of salt is a minimal price to pay to have treated water. We offer you a fantastic price and keep you so you never have to worry about it.

Why use Multimedia removal over other methods such as Filox and Pyrolox?

Each has its benefits, and if you speak to one of our trained operatives, they will be able to specify the correct unit for you. But if you want the best quality of water, with a small outlay and are tight for space, multimedia is the way to go for you. Give us a call today on 01629 55839


AquaMulti and AquaMulti BIO are multifunctional water filtration medias that consist of five high quality ingredients (ion exchangers and adsorbents). It is an effective one step eliminator of the 5 main problems (hardness, iron, manganese, organic and ammonia) in domestic and industrial applications. AquaMulti decreases the level of organic matter up to 50% (AquaMulti Bio up to 80%). The media works with many water supplies (mains, borehole and well), regardless of iron form (colloidal, ferric or organic), pH level, hardness, hydrogen sulphide, organic content. However it can foul and high bicarbonate causes concreation.

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