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420mm Long x 4 1/4 Inch Diameter

Replacement Bag Filters – 420mm Long x 4 1/4 Inch Diameter

Needlefelt Bag Filters
S44-19PP001-1MYEP1 Micron£6.60Buy Now
S44-19PP005-1MYEP5 Micron£5.30Buy Now
S44-19PP010-1MYEP10 Micron£5.30Buy Now
S44-19PP025-1MYEP25 Micron£5.30Buy Now
S44-19PP050-1MYEP50 Micron£5.30Buy Now
S44-19PP100-1MYEP100 Micron£5.30Buy Now
S44-19PP200-1MYEP200 Micron£5.30Buy Now
Monofilament Bag Filters
S44-19NM010-1MYEP10 Micron£12.80Buy Now
S44-19NM025-1MYE25 Micron£13.09Buy Now
S44-19NM050-1MYEP50 Micron£8.31Buy Now
S44-19NM075-1MYEP75 Micron£8.31Buy Now
S44-19NM100-1MYEP100 Micron£6.55Buy Now
S44-19NM150-1MYEP150 Micron£5.91Buy Now
S44-19NM200-1MYEP200 Micron£5.91Buy Now
S44-19NM250-1MYEP250 Micron£5.91Buy Now
S44-19NM300-1MYEP300 Micron£5.91Buy Now
S44-19NM400-1MYEP400 Micron£6.82Buy Now
S44-19NM600-1MYEP600 Micron£6.82Buy Now
S44-19NM800-1MYEP800 Micron£6.82Buy Now
Stainless Steel Baskets
S44-80MSV1005050 Micron£336.36Buy Now
S44-80MSV10100100 Micron£336.36Buy Now
S44-80MSV10200200 Micron£189.54Buy Now
S44-80MSV10315315 Micron£189.54Buy Now
S44-80MSV10400400 Micron£189.54Buy Now
S44-80MSV10560560 Micron£189.54Buy Now
S44-80MSV110001000 Micron£189.54Buy Now
S44-80MSV120002000 Micron£189.54Buy Now

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