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IWE-Bactaerator - Pump Station Rehabillitation and Maintenance

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IWE-Bactaerator - Pump Station Rehabillitation

Typical Applications
Cesspit Rising Mains
Wet Well Lifting Stations
Float Switches Pump Stations
Pumping Stations Odour Removal
Pump Chambers Septicity

Pump Station Rehabillitation Range
L100 Removes oil and grease that accumilates in fat traps S140 X Bacterial Organic Degrader Bactaerator - eliminate problems with overloaded septic wet wells, sumps or pumping stations

Biologically accelerated pump station rehabilitation; reducing blockages, odours and the requirement to pump it out.

Aerated bio-augmentation system for sumps and pump wells prone to fat build up and odours.
Doses natural bio-fluids and a concentrated nutrient which contain only Hazard Group 1
Bacillus spores and bio-degradable surfactants.
Injects c.240 l/min of air into the pumping station.
Operates continuously 24/7, runs unattended for one to three months
Simple, discrete and secure Installation, undertaken by IWE engineers.
Pro-actively managed by IWE’s service engineers

Prevents fat build up
Prevents fouling of floats and pump failure
Eliminates odours
Reduces septicity
Reduces pump-out frequency


Discretely installed beside the pumping station control kiosk. Dosing lines are run through the access channel running between the kiosk and the well. The Bactaerator is most effective in pump stations where odours, septicity or fat blockages are a recurrent problem.


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